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July 2013

Jul 30


We are all drowning in a sea of sin! God is on the shore of safety throwing us a lifesaver, the lifesaver's name is Jesus. Some "get it" and grab the lifesaver right early, while others grabbing for every piece of debris that happens to float by, continue to tread in sin only moments from eternal disaster! Those that choose the...
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Jul 24

Scary As Hell???

Most of you that know me best know that at any point in time I'm usually reading about 8 different books at the same time; 3 of them in my study, 3 of them beside my Lazy Boy at home, 1 of them in my truck, and 1 of them... in my "library"... you know, the place where I take a shower and stuff! One that is on my desk at the present...
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